Assertive, proactive and results-driven, the CCUA lobbies on behalf of its members to improve both civil court performance and service. With more than 20 years experience in this field, the CCUA has the experience and the political gravitas to pursue the aims and objectives of its members vigorously.

Extensive budget cuts and failed attempts to make the court service more efficient have left court users with a system that is both inefficient and expensive. The CCUA plays an integral role in turning things around.

We exist to provide a positive influence on the future of the court service; bringing together all stakeholders to respond firmly and with a clear and considered voice to the proposals and consultations which affect us all. The CCUA’s approach is simple and effective: We bring together users of the court service to whom we provide insight, information and updates on the latest developments.

We navigate changes in government, keep track of decision makers and make sure everyone is aware of any shortcomings in the court syste We seek to inspire and lobby for improvements at the highest level of government through the appropriate agencies.

Please let us know your thoughts concerning any issues raised via this blog

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