A Happy New Year

December was a quieter month on the Association front.

Unfortunately I was unable to attend the Northern region meeting at the beginning of the month but understand it went well and the members brought up some useful ideas to take forward in our regular discussions with the Ministry of Justice.

A week later I attended the CCBC User Group meeting in Northampton. Lisa Keating, the Chair, has been beavering away behind the scenes in discussions with officials over the case numbering and bulk data transfer projects. Certainly there has been much movement in the plans and Lisa and Andrew Aspell, the vice chair, should be congratulated on their efforts to date in ensuring the users receive the best service possible.

Just before Christmas the Ministry produced a paper on its digital strategy.  Under the theme of transforming our services they will start with four exemplar digital services for delivery by 2015 amongst which are civil claims (money & possession claims) and fee payment starting with employment tribunal fees). Also under this theme they intend to digitally redesign all other services, prioritising those handling over 100,000 transactions per year, to meet the new digital by default service standard.

The roadmap they have produced shows that in 2013 in civil claims the redesign starts with possession claims and then moves onto money claims. Fee payment with employment tribunal fees first phase by July 2013.

Transactions for 2013 will include credit card payment on money/possession claims, registration and authentication of money claims and secure bulk data. These last two have already been subject to meetings between users and officials bearing in mind new court numbering will need to be introduced at the beginning of 2014 and which the Association through the CCBC User Group has been monitoring and assisting.

The document shows the Association as one of the special interest group stakeholders and we will ensure close contact is maintained with HMCTS/MOJ to ensure the views and interests of members are well represented.

Next month sees meetings beginning again with officials so any issues you may have please let me know through the office on claires@ccua.org.uk