Troubled times

November saw two meetings at Petty France; firstly our regular meeting with HMCTS followed by a meeting with policy officials at the MOJ a few days later.

The HMCTS meeting went well although we did express our concerns over the CCMCC at Salford, for full details see my notes of the meeting on the members linked in site; the minutes are produced by HMCTS and be available shortly.

Having stayed overnight in London, next day I attended the London/South East Regional meeting of the Association in the morning. It was good to see potential new members at the meeting and also to be approached by current members volunteering their assistance.

If you are reading this note and are not yet a member then contact our administrator on to obtain details of the next regional meeting closest to your office and come along to see what goes on. You never know you may find it interesting and want to join the association to have your voice heard.

After the regional meeting I got the train to Manchester for the Debt Recovery Awards, the host, Ruby Wax, was very good and the evening went well. Well done to all those who were nominated for the awards and congratulations to the winners. As a judge I can say there were some very good entries and the discussions took some time.

The next day saw me back on the train to London to visit clients and then in the evening attending the 125th anniversary dinner of the High Court Enforcement Officers Association, a very good event in excellent surroundings. Finally I got home on the Saturday lunchtime, just a shame you cannot get train miles as I would have clocked up a few.

The meeting with MOJ was to discuss the Association consultation on the increase in the small claims limit. The meeting did not go well as it is clearly government policy to increase the limit despite the views of the professionals that to increase it will cause major issues.

We have asked for a meeting with the Minister and the Chairman of the Legal & Technical committee, Jeremy Chaplin is driving this forward.

The day following this meeting I chaired the CCUA council meeting and it was good to see two of the regional vice chairs in attendance, together with the vice chair of the CCBC user group.

We received confirmation that our next House of Lords dinner has been set for Monday 8th April; we are currently awaiting confirmation of the guest speaker, further details to follow.

After the formal business discussion took place on plans for the Association and ideas that came forward show that the 25th anniversary year will be very productive in ensuring the interests of users are put before the government. We have a committed group of officers and they are as keen as I am to see that we get value for money for the fees we pay.

As this is the last note before the end of the year may I take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy (and prosperous) New Year.