The CCUA Conference 2012 – nearly there…

Nearly there

With days to the Annual conference everything looks to be moving along smoothly.

The list of speakers is excellent and I am sure there will be lively debate; Amir Ali and his team have done very well to put together such a vibrant programme.

At the beginning of the month a meeting was held with HMCTS over the number of increasing issues that appeared to be coming from members over the service being received from the Courts in all areas. We provided them with general views and they appeared to accept that they could do much better. Hopefully we will hear more from the HMCTS representatives at the conference on their plans to improve the service.

I attended the Credit Services Association conference as a guest and found it most interesting; the keynote speaker, a financial journalist, had some very sombre views on the economy. I then attended the Northern regional meeting the following week and some very useful ideas came from the group meetings that were held and I am certain the regional chairman will act on them.

Council met on 18th September and details will be on the members section shortly. I advised council that, subject to being elected again, I propose to make next year my last one as Chairman. It is time to hand over to new blood to drive the Association further forward.

The following day the long awaited meeting of the Bulk Centre user group was held and delegates were given the opportunity to hear what is proposed on case numbering and bulk transfer. A smaller group is being set up to consider the issues and is a cross section of the industries and firms represented at the meeting. In addition another meeting for software houses is proposed. From the Association point of view it is a shame that such a meeting was not held many months ago as it appears HMCTS may be on a tight timetable when it comes to IT work being carried out. The last thing users want is for something to be rushed through that helps no-one.

The proposal in the consultation paper on the opposition to the increase in small claims issued by the Association has received a considerable amount of support. Only two members did not accept the proposals but all others did and we have also received valuable support from the Institute of Credit Management, Law Society, CILEX and the Bar Council. Jeremy Chaplin the chairman of the Legal & Technical Committee has produced a very detailed argument in opposition to the increase. We are now looking to arrange a meeting with the Ministry of Justice and then the new Minister.

Finally at the end of the month the Central region meeting was most enjoyable with a talk from barrister Simon Clegg at St Philips Chambers on the imminent Jackson reforms, much food for thought.

Hopefully I will see many of you at the conference on Tuesday.